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        Machine-room Freight Elevator

        覆盖范围Coverage range速度(m/s)

        载重  load











          标准产品 standard product

        With a door system with a wide opening width and a car with a large space design, the bulk inspection goods can be easily accommodated. The high-strength profile of the special-sturdy design of the high-strength profile can transport goods of different tonnages with strong carrying capacity. Anti-slip steel plate is used on the upper surface of the platform to prevent cargo and trucks from slipping.

        Host system

        The HF series freight elevator is designed according to the vertical logistics requirements of the traction machine mainframe to fully meet the requirements of various loads. The vector closed-loop control technology can fully meet the dynamic adjustment requirements, and the elevator runs smoothly and accurately, and obviously improves the response of the elevator.

        Precise control system

        Xizi specializes in the proprietary graphic speed curve to make the freight elevator more stable during acceleration and deceleration, while reducing the running time between layers, leveling accuracy, and making goods and carts easy and smooth to enter and exit the car.

        Customers can choose the automatic leveling function as needed. When the freight elevator load changes greatly in a short period of time (such as a large truck entering the car), there will be a difference between the car sill and the landing sill. The freight elevator with automatic leveling can automatically adjust the car to Flat position.

        Professional design

        The double-sturdy base can reliably withstand all kinds of cargo, and the precise weighing switch strictly controls the load to prevent people from slipping or sliding the cargo, effectively protecting people's goods.

        The simple and elegant car decoration design can be equipped with anti-collision plates to prevent heavy objects from damaging the car. The high-hardness cast iron sill can withstand high pressure without deformation.

        Light curtain door protection

        The high-performance contactless infrared light curtain system forms a dense two-dimensional light curtain on the car door side to ensure the safe entry and exit of passengers and goods.


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